Ошибка при установке Vesta cp на debian 7 x64 (хостинг

11 Апр
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Posted by omega80 at 01:19

При установке Vesta control panel на Debian 7 x64 от хостинга (рекомендую, отличный виртуальный сервер за 250 руб в мес. Инструкция подготавливается) происходят ошибки. Основная ошибка заключается в невозможности воспользоваться dpkg. При установке выдает ошибки:

update-default-wordlist: Question empty but elements installed for class "wordlist"
  dictionaries-common/default-wordlist: return code: "0", value: ""
  Choices: , Manual symlink setting
  shared/packages-wordlist: return code: "10" owners/error: "shared/packages-wordlist doesn't exist"
  Installed elements: american (American English)

  Please see "/usr/share/doc/dictionaries-common/README.problems", section
  "Debconf database corruption" for recovery info.

update-default-wordlist: Selected wordlist ""
does not correspond to any installed package in the system
and no alternative wordlist could be selected.
dpkg: error processing dictionaries-common (--configure):
 subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 255
Errors were encountered while processing:
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

Решим эту проблему.

Начнем с того, что в самих строках уже есть ответ на то, где можно посмотреть информацию о возникающей проблеме:

Please see "/usr/share/doc/dictionaries-common/README.problems", section
"Debconf database corruption" for recovery info.

поэтому набираем команду для просмотра данного файла:

nano /usr/share/doc/dictionaries-common/README.problems

и читаем информацию, касаемую нашей проблемы:

Debconf database corruption wrote:Some of the problems listed above are caused by some sort of debconf
database corruption.

In most old cases (See #198297, #224400, #247849, #255193,
#282587, #284287, #297534 and #335612) that corruption has been
related to a nearly full /var partition. This most frequent cause
for this should have been fixed in debconf 1.5.0 (See #198297). From
its changelog,

* Notice and error out on write errors (such as ENOSPC) when saving
databases. Should help with a lot of database corruption bugs.

but seems that other still unknown reasons may be flying around.

Please take a look at those bug reports to check whether your problem is
actually the same, and see if you can provide more information about
the problem before proceeding further.

If your problem seems related to debconf database corruption, be it of
above kind or not, the suggested fix is, quoting Joey Hess message in
#198297 bug page

> By purging and reinstalling the package, you only fixed the entries for
> that package. I suggest you run /usr/share/debconf/ as root,
> which will delete all the orphaned questions. You may end up having to
> repeat your answers to some debconf questions during future upgrades,
> but that's a small price to pay for a consistent debconf database.

After running /usr/share/debconf/ as root, please look which
templates were affected,

$ diff -u /var/cache/debconf/config.dat{-old,} | grep ^[+-]Name
$ diff -u /var/cache/debconf/templates.dat{-old,} | grep ^[+-]Name

Your debconf database should be now in a consistent state and packages
configuration should succeed.

Regarding ispell dictionaries and wordlists, you may still need to run
'dpkg-reconfigure dictionaries-common' as root to make sure defaults
are correct.

Как видим, нам рекомендую запустить от имени root следующую команду:


после выполнения которой можно переустановить пакет:

apt-get install dictionaries-common

после этого, скорее всего данная ошибка не повториться и панель установится нормально.