Could not open input file composer phar

Could not open input file composer phar

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I am trying to install zendframework using composer tool in wamp server.

The following steps are done towards installation

I downloaded the Composer-Setup.exe file from composer page and got successfully installed.

I downloaded the zendframework and extracted inside the c:wampwwwzend folder

I executed the command for self update

php composer.phar self-update

This line generates the error message: could not open file composer.phar

how to resolve this error

The composer.phar install is notworking but without .phar this is working

We need to enable the openssl module in php before installing the zendframe work

We have to un-comment the line ;extension=php_openssl.dll from php.ini file.

composer use different php.ini file which is located at the wampinphpphp-php.ini

After enabling the openssl we need to restart the server

The execute the following comments

I can install successfully using these commands –

This will install composer to the current directory so that you can use php composer.phar

I was trying to install YII 2.0

I got the same error:

Could not open input file: composer.phar

Then i gave the full path of .phar like this:

I am using Windows 7, and I got the same problem as yours while using Composer via cmd.

The problem is solved when I use

Hope this is useful for people who got the same problem.

Initially, I was running php composer.phar self-update and got the same error message.

As a resolve, you should use composer command directly after install it.From the command prompt, just type composer and press enter.

If composer is installed correctly then you should able to see a lot of suggestion and command list from composer.

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If you are up to this point then you should able to run composer self-update directly.

First try this: dont use the php composer.phar [parameters] simply use composer [parameters] if this doesn’t work for you than try the rest. Hope it helps.

dont use php composer.phar self-update
First go to Your project directory
simply use composer.phar self-update
This works for me

This is how it worked for me:

Make sure composer is installed without no errors.

Open “System Properties” on windows and go to the “Advanced” tab. (You can just press the windows button on your keyboard and type in “Edit the system environment variables`

Under “System variables” Edit “PATH”

Type in: C:ProgramDataComposerSetupincomposer.phar

Close all folders & CMDs + restart you WAMP server.

Go to whatever directory you want to install a package in and type in

composer.phar create-project slim/slim-skeleton

Question already answered by the OP, but I am posting this answer for anyone having similar problem, retting to

Could not input open file: composer.phar

Simply go to your project directory/folder and do a

Assuming this is where you have your web application:

change directory to it, and then run composer update .


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Chrysweel commented Sep 17, 2012

I have a problem!
I try create a project new symfony2.1. I did the following steps:

1º curl -s | php
2º sudo mv composer.phar /usr/local/bin/composer
3º php composer.phar create-project symfony/framework-standard-edition var/www/myproject

My folder /usrl/local/bin has a 777 permit

I do in my folder project : php composer.phar

But I have this error: Could not open input file: composer.phar

I have three problems:
Vendor libraries are missing. Install composer following instructions from Then run "php composer.phar install" to install them.
Set the "date.timezone" setting in php.ini* (like Europe/Paris).
Add "phar" to suhosin.executor.include.whitelist in php.ini*.

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But php composer.phar install doesnt run.

Please help me, I have a project in symfony2.0.x and I want update to symfony2.1, but I do not know do it.

I have installed composer globally using the steps mentioned in

But after installing Laravel framework, when I create a new laravel project, the following error is thrown.

But the project gets initialized in the back. What is the issue ?

1 Answer 1

The issue was while installing the composer was installed both globally as well as locally and due to this the referencing issue rose. After the local installation was removed, the project was successfully installed with all the dependencies.

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