Couldn t find cmd tokenize string pointer

Couldn t find cmd tokenize string pointer

Ошибка: При запуске Counter-Strike 1.6 появляется окно с ошибкой Couldn’t find Cmd_TokenizeString pointer.

Решение: Удалите полностью Counter-Strike 1.6 и скачайте игру заново.


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Currently I am working on a program that allows a user to enter a string that is then tokenized, then the tokens are printed to the screen by using an array of pointers. It is "supposed" to do this by calling my tokenize function which reads the input string until the first separator ( ‘ ‘, ‘,’, ‘.’, ‘?’, ‘!’). It then changes that separator in my string to a NULL char. It then should return a pointer to the next character in my string. In main after the string has been input, it should keep calling the tokenize function which returns pointers which are then stored in a array of pointers to later print my tokens. Once the tokenize() returns a pointer to a NULL character which is at the end of my string it breaks from that loop. Then I print the tokens out using my array of pointers. //trying to be detailed

3 big known problems currently. 1.When I compile, it reads the string then prints it, then gets stuck in a endless loop with nothing printing, still trying to get input. 2. Im pretty sure I am using the " * " for my pointers in the wrong place. 3. My function passes in a reference to my arrays, so I assumed i could just increment them as is.

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I appreciate any feedback! I will be watching this post constantly. If i left something unclear, I can respecify. Thanks.


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grossmj commented May 5, 2014

I don’t know if this is may be a problem or not but a user reported this issue on the forum. I’ve seen it myself before and chose to ignore it so far.

When I try to load a new router or switch it hangs for a while then loads but it pops out an on the command prompt window of GNS3-ER which i don’t even understand its meaning, here is the error:

"1 [main] dynamips 7460 find_fast_cwd: WARNING: Couldn’t compute FAST_CWD pointer. Please report this problem to the public mailing list"

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dlintott commented May 5, 2014

From what I’ve just found from a quick Google search, which lead me to the cygwin mailing list.

From reading the replies there it seems there were some changes made to the Cygwin code. so recompiling dynamips against the latest version of Cygwin should hopefully solve.

Another post I found suggests that compiling in MinGW also solves the issue.

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flaviojs commented May 5, 2014

Extracting from into a separate folder and pointing GNS3 0.8.3 to it doesn’t lead me to that error.

I update my cygwin environment before compiling a release and include it’s dlls in the package. Can you check if there is another executable that uses cygwin1.dll in the GNS3 1.0-alpha versions? (I don’t have early access)

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If such a program was copied into the GNS3 folder after dynamips, then cygwin1.dll was probably replaced.

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